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About Me

I am 43, married with 1 child.  I am blessed to be married to a beautiful woman who allows me some time to enjoy the past time I absolutely love!  I started really playing golf at 25 after college.  After about 2 rounds I was hooked.  I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while, figured if I was going to start one, why not do it about something i have a strong passion (my wife would say Obsession) for.  I have a problem!  I am absolutely obsessed with golf!  It is the only sport I’ve played that I haven’t been good at.   I’ve always been a decent athlete and could pick up things pretty quickly and not make a fool out of myself.  Because of that, I’ve spent countless hours practicing golf in an attempt to get better.  After 20 years i’ve finally brought my handicap down from over 20 to 14.  For me its not good enough, I feel I should be a single digit handicap player.  So what does it take to get my handicap down to that level.  This is what I plan to explore in this blog.  Do I need more gadgets?  Personally, i can’t get enough of them.  Could it be the clubs?  Of course it could!  Am I properly Hydrating myself during the round?  Hmmm…that could be an interesting variable to explore?  Adult beverages? Water? Gatorade? Maybe some combination of all three?  Or maybe, I just need the right Tunes playing to get a good rythym?  So many questions and options, could it be that that is the problem?  Like it was said in the move Last Samurai, “Too many mind”. 

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